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At Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to building genuine trust with our patients. Our individualized cosmetic surgery makes all the difference, and we’re honored to positively impact our Beverly Hills community and our patients who travel from across the U.S. and around the world to see Dr. Truesdale.

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"I can honestly say that I love my face now"

I consider myself extremely lucky to have met and become a patient of Dr. Carl Truesdale. In late November 2020, I came across Dr. Truesdale's page on IG and saw a post where he was performing a buccal fat removal procedure. As I got older, my chubby cheeks were not so cute to me anymore. In fact, I wanted my face to look more mature. My original consultation was just going to be for the buccal fat removal procedure but lucky for me, we were able to discuss my other concerns during my consult. Upon meeting Dr. Truesdale, I felt comfortable, listened to and confident in his skills and professionalism. And let me tell you, my instincts were 100% right!

In December 2020, Dr. Truesdale performed three procedures on me: buccal fat removal, chin lipo, and a primary open rhinoplasty/septoplasty. The most recent procedure was the rhinoplasty and I am thrilled with my results thus far and I'm only a month post-op! Dr. Truesdale is not only a skilled surgeon but he's a real artist! Like literally! I can honestly say that I love my face now. I truly look like the best version of myself. Everything looks so damn natural, it's just unreal. I'm not even fully healed yet! My recovery has all gone so smoothly that sometimes I just cannot believe that this all happened in December.

But here is what sets Dr. Truesdale apart from so many others in his profession: he's caring, honest, transparent and just such a cool person. One of my friends has also booked with him for surgery based on my experience alone! Dr. Truesdale is a STAR.

-Lissa B.

"Revision Rhinoplasty of my Dreams"

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is 100% devoted to his craft and his patients go to Doctor Truesdale! I had 2 failed rhinoplasties which left me scarred. Surgeons turned me away because they weren't up for the task. But then I found Dr. Truesdale!

He assessed my nose and pointed out multiple issues that no other doctor had addressed. I was extremely scared because of my past experiences but he calmed me down and reassured me every step of the way.

He is also a talented portrait artist which, combined with his surgical expertise, gives him a unique level of understanding of beauty and proportions.

The day of the surgery he made sure to check in with me again and calm me down and then proceeded to rebuild my nose entirely, sparing no effort. He not only transformed it esthetically but also significantly improved my breathing.

Post op he has been incredible too! I had a lot of anxiety and questions and he reassured me and answered swiftly and patiently anytime I messaged him. I'm now 2 months post OP and he has truly transformed my life! I used to obsess over my nose daily and it made me incredibly depressed and now it looks better every time I look at it! It's even better than the photoshopped version and goes beyond anything I thought possible considering the state of my nose.

If you want a doctor you can trust, who will make your plastic surgery dreams come true, go to Dr. Truesdale!

-Tara J.

"I felt safe in his hands"

Dr. Truesdale is among the very best. Patient driven and focused. Knowledgeable about all things cosmetic whether it's injectables or actual cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Truesdale is aware of what procedures may benefit you and always honest about the procedures that you won't benefit from or not necessary. I've visited Dr. Truesdale for injectables and surgery and honestly couldn't imagine having any of them performed by anyone else. Most importantly he was patient with me and allowed the opportunity to ask numerous questions.

I felt safe in his hands. I promise you won't be disappointed by your visit. Above all, he is a honest and genuine doctor who cares about your results and wants you to be happy. Again, he's among the very very best.

-Adam B.

"He works his magic to reverse time"

Dr. Truesdale is an artist in all aspects he's a musician, painter and most importantly gifted doctor. He's extremely patient and believes in achieving maximal results in the most natural way with the latest techniques.

He believes in building relationships with his clients as he works his magic to reverse time.

-Claudine O.

"I've gained my confidence back"

If you have any doubt, just go see Dr. Truesdale! He immediately put me at ease, and handled me and my anxiety like a pro.

I went in for a consultation for chin lipo, and possible buccal fat removal. For me, lipo was the last line as I've tried everything from Kybella to laser treatments. Working out didn't help my double chin, healthy diet, I felt I was out of options as I'm terrified of surgery and needles. He calmly explained the procedure and showed me past clients and their results, and assured me of my own. He also saw where others had made mistakes with fillers, and showed me where what procedures would be best for my face.

Day of procedure, he played Maxwell and danced to help me calm down and it worked. I was super difficult during procedure due to my fear but he remained calm the entire way and was stern when he needed to be. I'm honestly grateful for him.

My double chin is just about gone (the area right below chin is still healing) but my profile is back! Scars healed and are about skin tone color again, and pain was manageable. I would go through lipo again only with him, if any of the fat comes back (though I hope not). I've gained my confidence back and it has shifted my entire mindset. I no longer cower in fear that people are just staring at my double chin under my mask.

If all of this is too long -- just go see Dr. Truesdale, you won't regret it.

-Jacqueline P

"I am so happy with the results"

WHERE DO I BEGIN? I found Dr. Truesdale on IG and what stuck out to me about him was how personable he seemed with his patients and the IG community. After introducing myself and asking him, I actually gained his generous sponsorship for Miss California USA.

After examining my face, he recommended the Buccal Fat Excision where I would aesthetically benefit from the procedure. The procedure only lasted 30 minutes, he made sure I felt comfortable and informed the entire time, and I was confident thanks to him of what to expect before and after as well as during the operation.

I am so happy with the results in my face, and I can definitely see the difference his good work made. I will always suggest and recommend him to my friends and family, his attention to detail is outstanding... and even after the procedure he still checks in with me on how I am doing. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Truesdale, and to be able to say that he is my surgeon. Thank you, Doctor! :-)

-Elisabeth B.

"I've already recommended Dr. Truesdale to three friends"

Unlike other practitioners that administer Botox and other facial cosmetics, he is a trained surgeon that focuses on the neck and up. He is very detailed - he measures your face, and then recommends certain treatments as a result of your symmetry. I love him. I will totally go to him again, and I've already recommended three friends who also got treatment, and they are very pleased.

-Amy W.

"Perfect amount of 'brotox' without looking fake or overdone"

Got Botox here (brotox I call it cuz I'm a guy) but Dr. Truesdale was beyond welcoming, knowledgeable, and gave my face the perfect amount of Botox to freeze my muscles without me having a fake or over done look as a young person! 10/10 would recommend. Also Dr Truesdale goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your results would recommend to everyone!

-Mark D.

"I felt confident and relaxed"

Dr. Truesdale is great, professional, honest, safe and a true artist. I am normally very anxious about allowing doctors to touch my face, but Dr. Truesdale made me feel confident and relaxed. I originally went to him for Botox but ended up getting a few fillers in addition to Botox. He made some suggestions about how to continue to maintain my features, and never did I feel like he was trying to sell or push products or additional services. I would highly recommend his aesthetic touch to maintain any standard of beauty that feels right to you.

-Danine D.

"For the first time my face is perfectly symmetrical"

I have been to many other places for fillers, not many could do what Dr. Truesdale does.

He took time to evaluate my face and only do what's needed. He did an amazing job on me.

For the first time my face is perfectly symmetrical. It looks amazing...I love that he knows exactly what to do, and never push or try to do more than what I needed. Thanks Dr. Truesdale, you have a patient for life!

-Maya W.

"Turned back the clock on things I couldn't do via diet and exercise."

No need to look any further...Dr. Truesdale is an artist through and through. His attention to detail and calm professional demeanor immediately put me at ease. I wanted subtle changes that made a difference and he was able to help turn back the clock on things I could no longer do via diet and exercise. Whether you're looking for a refresh or something more, Dr. Truesdale's artistic eye and skillful ability will get you the results you're looking for. I'm beyond appreciative and will continue to trust Dr. Truesdale for future guidance and assistance in looking and feeling my best.

-Logan B.

" I have never felt as looked after by a physician as I did with Dr. Truesdale"

There are too many great things to say about this amazing doctor and my experience. From even before I walked in the door he made sure I was comfortable with the location, the procedure, what I could expect from him his staff, etc. I have never felt as looked after by a physician as I did with Dr. Truesdale. Now that I know there's a doc out there who truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond showing that, I’ll never go back. Dr. Truesdale now and forever.

-Corey R.

" I could not be more pleased with my results."

“I want to thank Dr. Truesdale for his excellent care recently. He was patient when listening to my concerns, very professional when addressing my options, and skilled when providing my care. He made sure that I looked natural and never over-done. I had absolutely no complications or ill effects from any procedure. I could not be more pleased with my results. I feel much better about my appearance and cannot recommend Dr. Truesdale highly enough.”

— M.E. Flaherty

"There is no higher praise for a physician than to have a colleague send him a family member"

“I wanted to thank Dr. Truesdale for his skill and professionalism in dealing with my wife's cosmetic concerns. As a physician myself I have had the opportunity to encounter many surgeons and I had the chance to see Dr. Truesdale in action before choosing him as our own surgeon. I believe there is no higher praise for a physician than to have a colleague send him a family member. Dr. Truesdale has certainly earned our trust and will certainly refer any patient or family to him in the future.”

— L. Ho, M.D.

"The results have taken years off my face"

I’ve had several treatments with Dr. Truesdale and he’s absolutely amazing. The results have been fantastic and took years off of my face. He has the most warm and comforting personality and spends plenty of time reviewing everything with you during the visit. He follows up with you and makes sure you are doing great after the treatments. He has always been available if I’ve had any questions. I can honestly say that I feel 100% comfortable in his hands and if you are looking for a doctor that is going to make you look gorgeous he’s the one you want!

—C. Mosely

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