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How can I achieve a sharper jawline through facial plastic surgery?

Dr. Truesdale offers a number of single and combination treatments to produce a sharper jawline. A chin augmentation refines and improves the bone contour of the chin area. Dr. Truesdale places an “implant” directly on the bone of the chin, well below the skin. This implant brings balance to your profile and improves the appearance of your jawline.

What are the benefits of a chin implant?

Improved facial contour

If you are bothered by a small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour, you may benefit from a chin implant.

Increased facial harmony

A chin implant can increase the size and projection of a chin that is not proportional to other areas of the face.

Permanent solution for a weak chin

Many people get fillers to increase the prominence of their chin. This can be a good solution, but fillers are temporary and therefore require regular maintenance. It is often a better value to get a one-time chin implant rather than to continuously receive filler injections in your chin.

Who is a candidate for chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is appropriate for patients with a small chin, weak jaw, or a lack of facial contour.

Why Choose Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery for your Beverly Hills Chin Augmentation?

  • Dr. Truesdale is careful with selecting the right patient for chin augmentation. He will work with you to determine if a chin augmentation is the best treatment option to achieve your goals.
  • Dr. Truesdale takes great care at selecting the appropriate size and shape of the implant for you.
  • As with all his surgeries, Dr. Truesdale takes great care to customize his approach for each patient. He is experienced in multiple approaches for chin augmentation, including inserting the implant through the mouth for patients who have a history of keloids (raised scars in the skin during healing, more common on darker skin tones).

Did you know? The chin plays an important role in overall facial attractiveness

The chin is often unrecognized as a pillar of beauty, but it can help better define the jawline and create a more heart-shaped face. This harmony can be achieved with chin filler or with a chin implant. These options help balance the nose, cheeks and lips. Chin augmentation helps with selfie shots by defining the neck and angle of the jawline. If you are bothered by a larger nose, chin augmentation can help balance the facial features and make the nose appear smaller. Over time, the jawbone or mandible gets smaller and doesn’t support our facial/neck tissues as much causing sagging so this can help with the neck and fullness under the chin as well.

What is the Process to get Chin Augmentation at Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery?

1. Consultation / Preparation

  • The first step in the journey is a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Truesdale. During that time, you will share your goals, he will evaluate your face, and provide his expert opinion on the best treatment plan and surgical approach. Expectations, results, methods, and risks will all be discussed. Dr. Truesdale will take the time to make sure you understand the plan and feel fully informed and comfortable with the surgical plan.
  • You will then meet with the Practice Manager to discuss scheduling, cost and the payment plan, and your pre-operative instructions. We can schedule you for surgery as soon as you pay the $1000 surgical deposit. Oftentimes, surgery can be scheduled within the next few weeks!

2. Pre-Operative

  • During the consultation, Dr. Truesdale will discuss preparing for your procedure. Detailed information with pre-operative instructions, benefits, and risks, will also be shared electronically so you have the opportunity to review in detail and can prepare any additional questions for Dr. Truesdale or the team.
  • As with any surgery, there are certain medications, vitamins, and herbs that should be avoided in the 2 weeks prior to surgery. Some of these items can cause you to bleed more than normal, or may otherwise interact with the surgery process.

3. Day-of Procedure

  • Our Practice Manager, Maria, will provide you with detailed location information and pre-op instructions for the day-of surgery.
  • The length of surgery varies based on each patient’s situation and goals. A chin implant typically takes approximately one hour.
  • A chin implant is a fairly comfortable procedure and is usually done while the patient is awake but comfortably numbed at the treatment area.

4. Post-Operative / Recovery

  • Dr. Truesdale will provide detailed information on how to promote the most effective and comfortable healing process.
  • Patients who work from home can work in 2-3 days. Patients who work outside of the home can plan to return to work in about one week.
  • Most patients experience more discomfort than pain. Use pain medication as directed or needed, and follow all of Dr. Truesdale’s post-operative instructions.
  • You can expect some bruising, swelling, and numbness around the area of the implant. These symptoms will diminish with full healing.
  • Rest and sleep on your back, with your head elevated.
  • Avoid strenuous activities during the initial healing process.
  • Any sutures will be removed about one week after surgery.

5. Extended Healing

  • Bruising should subside between seven (7) and 14 days.
  • It will take roughly four months to see the full results. At that time, you will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Truedale to assess the effect of the implants.

Chin Augmentation Before & After

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FAQs about a Beverly Hills Chin Implant / Chin Augmentation

How long do chin implants last?

Chin implants are a permanent surgical solution to deliver a more well-defined chin and profile. The chin implant is attached to the bone and applied in a precise location so that it is very secure.

How painful is a chin implant?

A chin implant is typically a fairly comfortable procedure with minimal pain. It is common to experience chin tightness in the first week, but there is no real downtime. In fact, it can be possible to return to work as soon as the following day. It is generally an easy recovery.

What do chin implants cost?

The cost of this surgery can vary based on the patient’s situation, including if it is a revision surgery and if this surgery will be combined with other surgeries or treatments. The total cost may include the surgeon’s fee, operating room fees, and anesthesia fees (if applicable). At Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe the surgeon’s philosophy and experience, and your comfort with him are just as important as the final cost of the surgery. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Truesdale and start the process. We can provide an approximate range for this procedure over the phone. Our practice manager will confirm the pricing for you after your consultation. All surgical quotes are valued for 60 days.

Are chin implants safe?

Chin implants are generally considered a safe procedure. The implant is a specially formed solid material that is compatible with human tissues.

What are the risks / side effects of a chin implant?

Because a chin implant is a surgical procedure, there are some risks involved. For most people, the risk is minimal, especially when the procedure is performed by a specialized facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Truesdale.

Is financing available?

Yes! Dr. Truesdale partners with four trusted financing institutions. We accept all major credit / debit cards, cash, or offer 0% interest patient financing:

Visit our Financing page for more information and to apply in 5-10 minutes.


- Nicole J.

I want to thank everyone at Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery for giving me an overall great experience! I came in for my consultation and met the very caring and knowledgeable Dr. Truesdale and awesome Manager Maria! Both made me feel at ease in deciding what the plan was for my procedures… I felt both cared about my needs. The day I had my procedure done ..I was very nervous, but felt at ease with how calm and friendly the staff was on arrival…The ladies at the front desk are super nice.. Dr. Truesdale performed a perfect alarplasty and chin implant. I am so very pleased with the results . I have minimal swelling and recovery has been easy. The picture is Day 1 after surgery! I love how meticulous Dr.Truesdale was in performing my surgery and kept me abreast of what he was doing ( I was awake/local anesthesia). He listened to what I wanted and gave me my voice as a patient. I look like myself but with a slight upgrade to my face. Exactly what I wanted!! I highly recommend this Dr. Truesdale and his practice.. No disappointments here!