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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Launches Nonprofit To Help Those Who Cannot Afford Corrective Surgery

Nonprofit Offers Services To Military Vets, Domestic Abuse Survivors, Victims of Bullying & Others.

Submit your information to if you are interested in sharing your story with the world.

Double Board-certified surgeon Carl Truesdale, M.D., one of the only African Americans in Beverly Hills specializing exclusively in facial surgery, has announced the launch of his new nonprofit. The Dr. Carl Truesdale Foundation will offer corrective surgical procedures pro bono to those in need but who lack the finances to achieve their dreams.

The foundation is seeking submissions from myriad segments of the community including military vets who were disfigured while serving our country, domestic abuse survivors who want to restart their lives, children who are the targets of bullies because of their noticeably large noses, “Dumbo” ears or prominent scars, etc.

Those who wish to be considered and are interested in sharing their story with the world are encouraged to submit a current, clear photo of themselves along with a brief (less than 500 words) description of the condition they want to correct, how has the candidate suffered due to the abnormality, and how they think corrective surgery will help them.

Submissions, which must be emailed to, will be reviewed by members of the foundation who will determine which candidates will be chosen.

“From the first day I opened my practice in Beverly Hills, the community has been extraordinarily warm and welcoming. Launching the nonprofit is our way of giving back,” says Dr. Truesdale, whose cutting edge surgical procedures have made him a much-in-demand plastic surgeon as well as a speaker before his colleagues at leading medical seminars and conferences and as a contributor/author for prestigious medical journals.

“Many people’s lives could be dramatically improved by a facial plastic surgery procedure that will enhance their confidence. We hope to hear from them and offer our services so they can take the next step to a brighter future.”

An Ivy League graduate with extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Truesdale is noted for a wide range of state-of-the-art procedures, most notably the Deep Plane Facelift, a procedure so complex that many in the field won’t even attempt it. It involves delving beneath the facial muscles to the deep plane area and lifting the tissue to the desired position. Because he’s not merely stretching and pulling the skin as is common with traditional facelifts, patients are left with a natural result, experience little swelling or bruising, and the healing process is faster. In addition, Dr. Truesdale performs all aspects of facial plastic surgery, including transformative yet natural looking surgery for the ears, eyelid and lower-eye area, nose, jaw, neck, and cheeks.

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