Office Location

150 S Rodeo Drive Suite 360 , Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Garage and metered street parking available




Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery is honored to bring personalized cosmetic surgery solutions to a diverse clientele in Beverly Hills, the greater Los Angeles area, and around the world. We’re committed to meeting our clients’ individual needs and customizing the industry’s premier solutions to every situation. Dr. Truesdale is known for combining precise medical solutions with his abiding love for the arts, and the results are truly spectacular.

As a Board Certified professional facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Truesdale offers next-level cosmetic answers to any concerns you may have about your face and neck. Book a consultation to learn more today.

Dr. Truesdale is now seeing patients from a world class office in the heart of Beverly Hills at 150 S. Rodeo Drive Suite 360. It is conveniently located steps from world-renowned shops and restaurants. We can’t wait to see you there!