Carl Truesdale, MD

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Surgeon. Portrait Artist. Renaissance Man.

Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery

Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery is a specialized practice focusing on surgical and non-surgical solutions to rejuvenate, contour, and bring natural beauty to your face, ears, eyes, nose, jawline, and hairline. When it comes to the appearance of your face, you deserve a specialist who is both an artist and an expert surgeon. Choose Dr. Carl Truesdale, and you’ll enjoy the world’s leading treatments customized to your needs.

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Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery combines world-class results with a world-class patient experience. Dr. Truesdale will discuss your goals, explain relevant surgical and/or non-surgical options, and answer your questions in his signature clear and friendly style. He prides himself in serving a diverse patient population, and delivering the very best results every single time. Book an appointment to experience the Dr. Truesdale difference today.

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Dr. Truesdale in a suit and tie smiling next to a luxurious operation chair
Woman sitting in a chair facing a mirror with Dr. Truesdale holding her hair back so he can examine her jaw
Dr. Truesdale operating on a patient

Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery Services

Dr. Truesdale carefully operating on a patient

Surgical Solutions

Dr. Truesdale offers many surgical solutions to meet your goals. Dr. Truesdale's knowledge of facial anatomy, surgery, and lifelong artistic pursuits make him the premier choice as a facial plastic surgeon.

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Dr Truesdale wearing a mask while he injects a woman's lips

Non-Surgical Solutions

Looking for non-invasive beauty options? Dr. Truesdale provides dermal fillers, liquid rhinoplasties and facelifts, RF microneedling, BOTOX, and laser skin resurfacing, as well as many other customized options.

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Dr. Truesdale performing injections on a man's hairline

Hair Restoration

Dr. Truesdale can optimize or restore your hair for a natural, vibrant appearance. His services cover all phases of hair loss, including hair transplantation, hairline lowering, medications, and hair loss prevention.

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Patient Testimonials

"I've gained my confidence back and it has shifted my entire mindset. I no longer fear that people are just staring at my double chin"

"I have never felt as looked after by a physician as I did with Dr. Truesdale. He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond"

"I used to obsess over my nose daily and it made me incredibly depressed. Now it looks better every time I look at it! It's even better than Photoshop"

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