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What is hairline lowering surgery?

Hairline lowering surgery, also known as forehead reduction surgery, is a surgical procedure in which the hairline is moved further down on the forehead. Hairline lowering can be a great solution to balance your facial proportions if you feel their forehead is too long for your face, or your hairline has retracted due to genetics or from your hairstyles.

In many cases, this surgery can be done in under two hours, and the incision is well hidden. Hairline lowering can also be done in conjunction with a hair transplantation to advance the hairline even more. Many people resort to hats or scarves to hide their hairlines and help their foreheads appear more proportional to their face. Contact us today to discuss how hairline lowering surgery could help you love your hairline and boost your self esteem.

What are the Benefits of Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Improved facial proportions

Hairline lowering gives a noticeable reduction in the size of the forehead to better balance facial proportions of people with large foreheads.

Increased confidence

Many people try to hide large foreheads or high hairlines with bangs or hats. Hairline lowering surgery can improve self-confidence, helping you feel youthful and attractive.

Long-lasting, natural results

This procedure offers a fast recovery process, well-concealed incisions, and is very natural looking and long-lasting.

Who Is a Candidate for Hairline Lowering Surgery?

  • Individuals with high hairlines or large foreheads.
  • Individuals who want immediate and long-lasting results.
  • Individuals with sufficient hair to hide the incision.

Why Choose Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery for Beverly Hills Hairline lowering?

It can be difficult to find a facial plastic surgeon who offers hairline lowering surgery. Dr. Truesdale is proud to offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical solutions for the entire face, including the hairline. He can move the hairline down up to three inches, dramatically improving your facial proportions if you have a long forehead or a receding hairline. As a facial plastic surgeon, he uses his artist’s eye to shape a natural and attractive hairline, and to hide the incision along the hairline.

FAQs for Hairline Lowering in Beverly Hills

How much does hairline lowering cost?

The cost of this procedure can vary based on the patient’s situation, including if it is a revision surgery and if this surgery will be combined with other surgeries or treatments. The total cost may include the surgeon’s fee, operating room fees, and anesthesia fees (if applicable). At Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe the surgeon’s philosophy and experience, and your comfort with him are just as important as the final cost of the surgery. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Truesdale and start the process. We can provide an approximate range for this procedure over the phone. Our practice manager will confirm the pricing for you after your consultation. All surgical quotes are valued for 60 days.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Truesdale and see if this would be a great option for you.

How long does hairline lowering last?

Hairline lowering is a permanent surgical procedure. It can be done in conjunction with hair transplantation and/or hair loss medication if the hairline has risen due to hair loss.

How is hairline lowering done?

During hairline lowering surgery, Dr. Truesdale makes an Incision at the hairline and removes a strategically selected segment of skin He advances the scalp forward – often three-quarters of an inch or more – and secures into its new position. As a facial plastic surgeon, he closes the skin meticulously to reduce the appearance of scars.