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Elisabeth Bradley
Elisabeth Bradley
Hi, my name is Elisabeth Bradley- Gandara. I am pleased to be writing this review for Doctor Truesdale of Truesdale Plastic Surgery. I would first like to thank Doctor Truesdale for his beautiful work and expertise of Buccal Fat Pad Removal for cheek refinement. Thank you, Doctor, for so beautifully changing my life. I came to Doctor Truesdale toward the mid-end of 2020 for sponsorship as I was preparing to compete for Miss California USA 2021. I have always regarded medical aesthetics and beauty. I felt that my face needed refinement in terms of shape and visual structure. I had discussed with Doctor Truesdale my areas of concern, and Buccal Fat Pad Removal was the best choice. I am so thankful that it was. The procedure was very quick, comfortable, and easy. Doctor Truesdale ensured I was comfortable from beginning to end, and the follow-up was great, as well. He has only continued to be an attentive, helpful, gracious, and wise doctor. I am grateful that he is that way. I am over the moon excited about my results. I feel more confident than I have ever before about my appearance. It is truly remarkable how much of a difference the cheek refinement has done for me. No amount of cheek filler could have addressed or corrected my concerns with my facial structure. I am truly convinced and thankful that I had Buccal Fat Pad Removal with Doctor Truesdale. I will continue to regard him highly, and go back to him for all of my future concerns. Thank you, Doctor Truesdale. I appreciate you- you are fantastic!
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lupita adabache
lupita adabache
Excelente servicio. El Doctor es muy profesional y super paciente. Se tomo el tiempo necesario al examinarme y contesto todas mis preguntas y dudas que tenia. Es Honesto con las recomendaciones. Muchas Gracias Doctor Truesdale 🙏
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Ni Owens
Ni Owens
renee nettles
renee nettles
My experience at the doctor's office was awesome from the front desk to the chair in the exam room with the doctor he was so professional and his touch was very light. He explained everything to me and I totally understood it. Thank you so much doctor trusdale for making me feel so much better about myself my eye fillers look great l Look 20 years 30 years younger.
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Zo Harris
Zo Harris
I was instantly comfortable with Dr. Truesdale. Even though I was only there for filler, I had many questions and he provided detailed answers. He described the procedures carefully and it all was painless, exactly as he had stated. And the best part was the results were fabulous. I feel like my face looks refreshed and balanced and yes, younger. I will definitely return!
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Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson
I want to thank everyone at Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery for giving me an overall great experience! I came in for my consultation and met the very caring and knowledgeable Dr. Truesdale and awesome Manager Maria ! Both made me feel at ease in deciding what the plan was for my procedures... I felt both cared about my needs . The day I had my procedure done ..I was very nervous . but felt at ease with how calm and friendly the staff was on arrival…The ladies at the front desk are super nice.. Dr. Truesdale performed a perfect alarplasty and chin implant. I am so very pleased with the results . I have minimal swelling and recovery has been easy. The picture is Day 1 after surgery! I love how meticulous Dr.Truesdale was in performing my surgery and keep me abreast of what he was doing ( I was awake/local anesthesia). He listened to what i wanted and gave me my voice as a patient. I look like myself but with a slight upgrade to my face. Exactly what i wanted!! I highly recommend this Dr. Truesdale and his practice..No disappointments here!.
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Denise Singler
Denise Singler
1st consult So far, feeling pretty optimistic. Dr. Truesdale did a good job listening to my goals and explaining the procedure he recommends for me to achieve those goals. The office is nice but not bougie.It is nestled in a quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of what you think when you hear "Rodeo Dr.". He seems to be an impressive, committed young Dr. who has deliberately chosen this profession to satisfy his passions for both art and science. More to come, but thinking I may have found my Dr.
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barbie burnette
barbie burnette
I’m so blessed to have had Dr. Carl Truesdale as my surgeon! He is truly an artist and his skills and vision for his patients individually are so on point! He and his staff have been amazing since the very first day I walked into his office. They’ve been on this journey with me every step of the way. I’m so happy with my results so far and it’s only 10 days out. If you’re looking for the perfect DR. to help you become the perfect YOU…Dr. Truesdale is your man! And a special shout out to his office manager, Maria. Her spirit and excellent personalized service has been unmatched. Thank you Dr. Truesdale for everything!
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cheryl oliphant
cheryl oliphant


“The doctor to help you become the perfect you”

I’m so blessed to have had Dr. Carl Truesdale as my surgeon! He is truly an artist and his skills and vision for his patients individually are so on point! He and his staff have been amazing since the very first day I walked into his office. They’ve been on this journey with me every step of the way. I’m so happy with my results so far and it’s only 10 days out. If you’re looking for the perfect doctor to help you become the perfect YOU…Dr. Truesdale is your man! And a special shout out to his office manager, Maria. Her spirit and excellent personalized service has been unmatched. Thank you Dr. Truesdale for everything!

— B. Burnette

“So happy with my new lips”

I am so happy with my new lips! Thanks a lot Dr. Truesdale for an amazing job!

— M. Ladyjensky

“One of my biggest insecurities is no longer an issue”

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Truesdale. He is such an amazing plastic surgeon. I was having a hard time finding a good doctor that I was confident could do the job. I found him on Instagram and was blown away by the before and afters. One of my biggest insecurities was my double chin and fat on my neck but that’s no longer an issue. I walk with confidence thanks to him. He left me with natural results, it doesn’t look like I got anything done. Overall experience was extremely pleasant. Don’t pass this doctor up and book your consultation with him. Thanks Dr Truesdale! 🙏🏽

— Daysi F.

“Now I can’t wait to go back to work!”

Doctor Truesdale basically saved my life. I went to him after having HORRIBLE fillers under my eyes that left me with noticeable bumps that even with makeup I couldn’t hide. I was literally crying every day. I went to another doctor to get them dissolved which didn’t work. I found Dr. Truesdale’s IG profile and called them. His staff members, Juliana and Maria are so compassionate and did everything to accommodate me with an appt the next day. With only 2 visits, under my eyes look so different and BETTER. He knows his stuff. He’s so caring and compassionate that I don’t mind driving that hour to see him.

Doctor Truesdale, you truly changed my life and put me out of my misery. I haven’t left the house for 5 weeks and now I can’t wait to go back to work. If you need a plastic surgeon, don’t look any further.

— J. Kharat

“Revision Rhinoplasty of my Dreams”

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is 100% devoted to his craft and his patients go to Doctor Truesdale! I had 2 failed rhinoplasties [by other doctors], which left me scarred. Surgeons turned me away because they weren’t up for the task. But then I found Dr. Truesdale! He assessed my nose and pointed out multiple issues that no other doctor had addressed. He is also a talented portrait artist which, combined with his surgical expertise, gives him a unique level of understanding of beauty and proportions.

He rebuilt my nose entirely, sparing no effort. He not only transformed it esthetically but also significantly improved my breathing. Post op he has been incredible too! I’m now 2 months post OP and he has truly transformed my life! I used to obsess over my nose daily and it made me incredibly depressed and now it looks better every time I look at it! It’s even better than the photoshopped version and goes beyond anything I thought possible considering the state of my nose. If you want a doctor you can trust, who will make your plastic surgery dreams come true, go to Dr. Truesdale!

— Tara J.

I felt safe in his hands”

Dr. Truesdale is among the very best. Patient driven and focused. Knowledgeable about all things cosmetic whether it’s injectables or actual cosmetic surgery. Dr. Truesdale is aware of what procedures may benefit you and always honest about the procedures that you won’t benefit from or not necessary. I’ve visited Dr. Truesdale for injectables and surgery and honestly couldn’t imagine having any of them performed by anyone else. Most importantly he was patient with me and allowed me the opportunity to ask numerous questions. I felt safe in his hands.

I promise you won’t be disappointed by your visit. Above all, he is a honest and genuine doctor who cares about your results and wants you to be happy. Again, he’s among the very very best”

— Adam B.

“He makes you feel at ease”

Dr. Truesdale is incredible! This practice is terrific. He combines expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss all options that are best for the you. He is an excellent surgeon. Also, the staff is very friendly and professional. I’ve never had to wait at all when I arrive on time for an appointment. What really stands out the most is his ability to make you feel at ease. I was impressed with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Truesdale because of his knowledge and expertise!

— R. Miller

“Perfect amount of ‘brotox’ without looking fake or overdone”

Got Botox here (brotox I call it cuz I’m a guy) but Dr. Truesdale was beyond welcoming, knowledgeable, and gave my face the perfect amount of Botox to freeze my muscles without me having a fake or over done look as a young person! 10/10 would recommend. Also Dr Truesdale goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your results would recommend to everyone!

— Mark D.

“I felt confident and relaxed”

Dr. Truesdale is great, professional, honest, safe and a true artist. I am normally very anxious about allowing doctors to touch my face, but Dr. Truesdale made me feel confident and relaxed. I originally went to him for Botox but ended up getting a few fillers in addition to Botox. He made some suggestions about how to continue to maintain my features, and never did I feel like he was trying to sell or push products or additional services. I would highly recommend his aesthetic touch to maintain any standard of beauty that feels right to you.

— Danine D.

“Turned back the clock on things I couldn’t do via diet and exercise.”

No need to look any further…Dr. Truesdale is an artist through and through. His attention to detail and calm professional demeanor immediately put me at ease. I wanted subtle changes that made a difference and he was able to help turn back the clock on things I could no longer do via diet and exercise. Whether you’re looking for a refresh or something more, Dr. Truesdale’s artistic eye and skillful ability will get you the results you’re looking for. I’m beyond appreciative and will continue to trust Dr. Truesdale for future guidance and assistance in looking and feeling my best.

— Logan B.

“My Botox looks AMAZING!!”

Just a note to let you know, my Botox looks AMAZING!! Super happy with my results. Thank you for my glow up!! Seriously, it looks sooo good!! You’re my injection queen now

— B.C.

“You made me beautiful again.”

— Dom

“My SKIN looks and feels AMAZING. That facial was definitely worth it. I love you!!!!”

— Maria

“He literally rolled back the hands of time”

If you care about quality, great customer care and service go to one of the best facial surgeons Dr. Truesdale! He has literally rolled back the hands of time. I am so happy with my results that I tell everyone about him. No shame in my game! My results are excellent because I went to a superior plastic surgeon! Do not hesitate or you might have to wait because I predict he will be the go to Dr in Beverly Hills by the end of 2022!

— J. Miller

“True Artistry”

Dr. Truesdale is the absolute best. His work is true artistry and I am always so thrilled and excited about my results. He listens and takes time to analyze all of the details on your face. Highly, highly recommend!

— Elizabeth H.

“The best experience in Beverly Hills”

Book him! Now!!! The best experience in Beverly Hills I ever had. After months of contemplating I finally chose Dr. Truesdale. I wish I would have done it sooner!! This is top tier work, thank me later 😃😃‼️

— Ma Ma

“I can honestly say that I love my face now”

I consider myself extremely lucky to have met and become a patient of Dr. Carl Truesdale. As I got older, my chubby cheeks were not so cute to me anymore. My original consultation was just going to be for the buccal fat removal procedure but lucky for me, we were able to discuss my other concerns. Upon meeting Dr. Truesdale, I felt comfortable, listened to and confident in his skills and professionalism.

Dr. Truesdale performed three procedures on me: buccal fat removal, chin lipo, and a primary open rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Dr. Truesdale is not only a skilled surgeon but he’s a real artist! I can honestly say that I love my face now. I truly look like the best version of myself. Everything looks so damn natural, it’s just unreal. My recovery has all gone smoothly.

But here is what sets Dr. Truesdale apart from so many others in his profession: he’s caring, honest, transparent and just such a cool person. One of my friends has also booked with him for surgery based on my experience alone! Dr. Truesdale is a STAR.

— Lissa B.

“I’ve gained my confidence back”

If you have any doubt, just go see Dr. Truesdale! He immediately put me at ease, and handled me and my anxiety like a pro. I went in for a consultation for chin lipo, and possible buccal fat removal. For me, lipo was the last line as I’ve tried everything from Kybella to laser treatments. Working out didn’t help my double chin, healthy diet, I felt I was out of options as I’m terrified of surgery and needles. He calmly explained the procedure and showed me past clients and their results, and assured me of my own. He also saw where others had made mistakes with fillers, and showed me where what procedures would be best for my face.

My double chin is just about gone, and my profile is back! Scars healed and are about skin tone color again, and pain was manageable. I’ve gained my confidence back and it has shifted my entire mindset. I no longer cower in fear that people are just staring at my double chin under my mask.

If all of this is too long — just go see Dr. Truesdale, you won’t regret it.

— Jacqueline P

“He works his magic to reverse time”

Dr. Truesdale is an artist in all aspects he’s a musician, painter and most importantly gifted doctor. He’s extremely patient and believes in achieving maximal results in the most natural way with the latest techniques. He believes in building relationships with his clients as he works his magic to reverse time. –

— Claudine O.

“I am so happy with the results”

After examining my face, Dr. Truesdale recommended the Buccal Fat Excision. The procedure only lasted 30 minutes, he made sure I felt comfortable and informed the entire time, and I was confident thanks to him of what to expect before and after as well as during the operation. I am so happy with the results in my face, and I can definitely see the difference his good work made. I will always suggest and recommend him to my friends and family, his attention to detail is outstanding… and even after the procedure he still checks in with me on how I am doing. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Truesdale, and to be able to say that he is my surgeon. Thank you, Doctor! 🙂

— Elisabeth B.

“Took Years Off My Face”

I’ve had several treatments with Dr. Truesdale and he’s absolutely amazing. The results have been fantastic and took years off of my face. He has the most warm and comforting personality and spends plenty of time reviewing everything with you during the visit. He has always been available if I’ve had any questions. I can honestly say that I feel 100% comfortable in his hands and if you are looking for a doctor that is going to make you look gorgeous he’s the one you want”

— C. Mosley

“For the first time my face is perfectly symmetrical”

I have been to many other places for fillers, not many could do what Dr. Truesdale does. He took time to evaluate my face and only do what’s needed. He did an amazing job on me. For the first time my face is perfectly symmetrical. It looks amazing…I love that he knows exactly what to do, and never push or try to do more than what I needed. Thanks Dr. Truesdale, you have a patient for life!

— Maya W.

“There is no higher praise for a physician than to have a colleague send him a family member”

I wanted to thank Dr. Truesdale for his skill and professionalism in dealing with my wife’s cosmetic concerns. As a physician myself I have had the opportunity to encounter many surgeons and I had the chance to see Dr. Truesdale in action before choosing him as our own surgeon. I believe there is no higher praise for a physician than to have a colleague send him a family member. Dr. Truesdale has certainly earned our trust and will certainly refer any patient or family to him in the future.”

— L. Ho, M.D.

“My Botox is Sooooooooooo good!”

My Botox is Sooooooooooo good! You rock. I’ve been getting Botox so long, I can tell when its done well! Thank you!”

— Sarah

“So thankful for my little glow up! I will come see you for more”

— Britt

“All over I just look so much smoother”

One of my coworkers this morning legit told me my skin looked great on a video call, like all over I just look so much smoother. It’s so nice

— Lexi

“If I forgot to tell you, the botox you did for me is excellent.”

— S.H.

“Not gonna lie, Jessica got me out here looking 10 years younger. Fellas, don’t be afraid to try it !!!”

— Oscar

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