Frequently Asked Questions for Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery

We invite you to read below for the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with a member of our team, please call 424-363-4112 or email contact@doctortruesdale.com and we would be happy to assist you.


  1. Dr. Truesdale and his staff will share this information with you prior to surgery. In general, if you are having an in-office procedure without anesthesia, you may be able to drive yourself home.
  2. If you are having your surgery under anesthesia, you should plan to go home with a friend or family member after being cleared by Dr. Truesdale.
  3. Some procedures, like a facelift, require overnight care for the first 24 hours after surgery. Our office can help coordinate the appropriate care.


Surgery will take place in Beverly Hills. Our Practice Manager, Maria, will provide you with detailed location information and pre-op instructions for the day-of surgery

What if I have further questions?

Our staff are always available to support you. Call 424-210-5498 or email the practice: contact@doctortruesdale.com

How soon can I get back to my normal exercise routine?

Dr. Truesdale and the team will talk to you about your specific situation. In general after surgery, you are encouraged to go for light walks and strolls after 24 hours. Light cardio, such as an elliptical machine or spin bike on a low resistance can begin on post-operative day seven (7). Do not engage in any heavy cardiovascular activity (running), any activity that involves straining (weight lifting) or anything that involves bending over (yoga, pilates) for at least three (3) weeks, unless otherwise instructed.

What medications can I take after surgery?

  • Oral medications take 30-45 minutes to take effect. Try to stay ahead of the pain by taking the medication when you begin to feel pain returning rather than waiting for it to become severe. Pain medications should not be taken any more frequently than listed on their packaging.
  • Only take the prescribed narcotics (Norco, Percocet, Tylenol with Codeine, etc.) for severe pain. For mild or moderate pain, take Extra-Strength Tylenol. Do not take aspirin (ASA, Excedrin) or anti-inflammatory medications (Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Excedrin, Naproxen, Nuprin, Anacin, etc.) until Dr. Truesdale clears you to do so. Do not take pain medication on an empty stomach

Can I take supplements prior to surgery or a non-surgical treatment?

Many medicines and homeopathic remedies exacerbate bleeding during surgery and may lead to excessive bruising and swelling. We will provide a list of medications and supplements to avoid. If you have questions about a supplement or vitamin that is not on the list, please discuss it with Dr. Truesdale or his staff.

When is payment due to Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery?

  • A surgical consultation requires a non-refundable $200 consultation fee. This fee is applied 100% towards ANY future surgery, so as long as you have any surgery with Dr. Truesdale, it is essentially a free consult. Surgical consult fees cannot be applied to non-surgical treatments unless Dr. Truesdale determines you are not a candidate for any surgery
  • For surgeries, a $1000 deposit is due to secure your surgical date. The balance is due at least 3 weeks in advance of your surgical date.
  • For all non-surgical appointments, payment is due at the time of the appointment.

Do I need medical clearance prior to surgery?

For patients who will undergo general anesthesia, there are medical tests that are mandatory to ensure patient safety. Our office will let you know which tests are necessary. Patients 45 and Over must have a full physical examination, an EKG and a letter of medical clearance. All must be performed within three (3) months before the date of surgery. Patients 65 and over must also get a chest x-ray.

Am I a candidate for surgery?

Dr. Truesdale will evaluate you during the consultation. Depending on the surgery and your age, you may require additional medical clearance.

Is facial plastic surgery permanent?

Many facial plastic surgery procedures are long-lasting or permanent. While you will continue to age, you’ll almost certainly age more gracefully than if you had not had the procedure done. Dr. Truesdale also offers temporary non-surgical procedures, such as non-surgical nose jobs using dermal fillers. Discuss your goals with Dr. Truesdale and he can share surgical and non-surgical options, as applicable, and his recommendations for what would be best for you.

Is facial plastic surgery painful?

Many procedures produce more discomfort than pain. Dr. Truesdale will work with you on a pain management plan to make your healing as efficient and comfortable as possible.

What If I Don’t Know what Treatment Would Help Me?

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