What is the secret to having model-like cheekbones?

Hint: It's not from great genetics

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Do you have "chubby cheeks" and no matter how much weight you lose, you can't seem to get rid of them? You aren't the only one. This is something called Buccal Fat, "cheek fat," which is often hereditary. The best way to lose this is by surgery known as "Buccal Fat Removal."

"I’m so blessed to have had Dr. Carl Truesdale as my surgeon! He is truly an artist and his skills and vision for his patients individually are so on point! He and his staff have been amazing since the very first day I walked into his office. They’ve been on this journey with me every step of the way. I’m so happy with my results so far and it’s only 10 days out. If you’re looking for the perfect DR. to help you become the perfect YOU…Dr. Truesdale is your man! And a special shout out to his office manager, Maria. Her spirit and excellent personalized service have been unmatched. Thank you Dr. Truesdale for everything!"-- Barbie B.

"Dr. Truesdale performed three procedures on me: buccal fat removal, chin lipo, and a primary open rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Dr. Truesdale is not only a skilled surgeon but he's a real artist! Like literally! I can honestly say that I love my face now. I truly look like the best version of myself. Everything looks so damn natural, it's just unreal. I'm not even fully healed yet! "
Lissa B.

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Before and After Buccal Fat Removal
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  •  Buccal fat removal is one of Dr. Truesdale’s most popular procedures.
  • Dr. Truesdale is careful with selecting the right treatment plan for each patient. He can work with you to create a plan for complete facial tightening and slimming.
  • Results look completely natural, with very minimal scarring. 
  • Dr. Truesdale typically completes the surgery within an hour and a half, with the patient under local anesthesia to minimize any pain in the treatment area. 
  • Dr. Truesdale can do a custom combination surgery for patients seeking a “snatched” jawline.

I loved the service! A doctor that knows his stuff & because he knows, I don’t have to be the expert, he actually lets me know what’s best instead of just leaving it up to me to just choose something that I know nothing about. I will definitely go back!!!!!
Very impressed with everything. Dr was pleasant and professional providing much information.

-Dawn Montanez

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