Patient Experience

When was the Last Time You had a Truly Enjoyable Visit to the Doctor’s Office?

Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery not only offers comprehensive solutions to help you look and feel your best - we also aim to provide the best experience you’ve ever had with a doctor. Imagine hearing your favorite songs played in the treatment while Dr. Truesdale expertly sculpts the face of your dreams. Imagine a doctor who breaks down the medical jargon into language you can actually understand. A doctor who can translate your vision of how you want to feel into an actionable treatment plan, without you feeling like you need to be an expert in facial plastic surgery terms and procedures. Dr. Truesdale is that doctor!

Dr. Truesdale has built expertise in facial plastic surgery. He’s had over a decade of training and practice at world-famous universities, hospitals, and private practice clinics. He is trained in the latest techniques, procedures, and devices. Dr. Truesdale will translate his expertise into a friendly conversation. He knows all the right questions to ask to uncover how you want to look and feel, and will recommend a customized treatment plan to get you there. If you’re a candidate for multiple options, he’ll explain them all and give you a recommendation for what he thinks would work best for you, considering your goals, timeline, and budget.

If you are trusting a surgeon with your face, you have the right to know what to expect, to get all your questions answered, and to feel fully heard and understood. Trust Dr. Truesdale and you’ll be glad you did. Visit the following pages to learn more about the surgical and non-surgical experience at Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery: The Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery Surgical Experience, The Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery Non-Surgical Experience

Our Patients Say It Best

"Here is what sets Dr. Truesdale apart from so many others in his profession: he's caring, honest, transparent and just such a cool person. One of my friends has also booked with him for surgery based on my experience alone!" - Lissa B.

"The day of the procedure, Dr. Truesdale played Maxwell to help me calm down and it worked. I was super difficult during the procedure due to my fear but he remained calm and was stern when he needed to be. I'm honestly grateful for him." - Jacqueline P.

"I felt safe in his hands. I promise you won't be disappointed by your visit. Above all, he is a honest and genuine doctor who cares about your results and wants you to be happy." - Adam B.

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