Dr. Truesdale is the Surgeon of Choice for All Skin Tones

Dr. Truesdale hasn’t just studied diverse perspectives in beauty standards — he’s lived all over the U.S., and has practiced in the U.S. and Ghana. As one of very few African American facial plastic surgeons, he brings his own background to bear when he approaches a patient consultation. Diversity in his practice is one of his core tenents.

What is considered the “gold standard” for a facial feature is not always the goal for every patient. Dr. Truesdale has a nuanced understanding of facial proportions and cultural beauty standards that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll notice a wide array of skin tones, body types, ages, and backgrounds of the patients in his before and afters. He is proud to serve a diverse patient population, and to optimize the unique beauty of each and every patient.

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About Dr. Truesdale

Spotlight on: Keloid Scars

Keloids are a type of raised scar that can occur where the skin has healed after an injury. All skin types can suffer from keloids, but they are more commonly found on darker skin types. When it comes to surgery, patients with a history of keloids or an increased propensity for keloids should be approached differently. As a black facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Truesdale has a special interest in keloid prevention, He has been invited to speak on the topic and is honored by the trust his patients show in his ability to reduce the likelihood of keloid scarring.

Close-up image of a keloid on a woman's face

Dr. Truesdale uses advanced surgical techniques to minimize the risk of keloids. He also can provide treatments to reduce the look of keloids if you have already developed keloids.

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Serving a Diverse Patient Population with Excellence

If you are a person of color selecting a surgeon, you should consider your surgeon’s experience working with melanated skin. As a black facial plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Truesdale is experienced working with all skin tones and textures. If you are interested in an ethnic rhinoplasty, keloid removal, double-eyelid surgery, or other procedures for patients of color, consider Dr. Truesdale to be your premeir choice. If you would like to explore more about the best procedures for you, schedule an non-surgical appointment or a surgical consultation with Dr. Truesdale.

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